Biclock, the wooden robot (Digital puppet)

…Or how to hack a wiimote and nunchuck to tell histories.

 Create animation movies is a hard work, and even more, if you are working in other projects and only can to use a few free time moments to develop your own personal project. For this reason I started to think in a way to do 3D animation easier and quicker. And finally I think, I found it. The way was to use the external connection features of conventional 3D program like Lightwave 3D (in this case) a hacked wiimote/nunckuck and a little bit of python code. Sadly is not a perfect animation technique and needs some keyframing to complete the actions, but allows you to tell stories with very few resources of time and staff. 

 This project is entirely illustrated and animated by only one person and had an initial duration of eleven minutes. At this moment is 8 minutes long for improve the narrative rhythm.

 Created and directed by Pedro Santero. Scripted by Marisa Santero and Python-scripted by Fernando Jaume.