Animation 3D

How to cheat an AI

A project by Deusens agency. Create nine videogames to play in front of a giant screen in a spanish mall using an Artificial Intelligence called “yolo” to solve the controls through visual computation.

The videogames creation was the easy part, the real challenge was check the gameplay of them, because the size of the final screen and the game zone in the mall, made impossible to recreate it in our office. The solution was searching a way to cheat the AI making her believe that had people in front moving and playing the game. The way was cut out some random people internet images and hold them in a wire, of course respecting the scale (proportionally) of playing zone in the mall. In this way, moving them in front of a regular webcam the computational vision AI believed that was real people playing the game and we could make all the necessary test before installing the games in the mall.