Experimentos & probatinas.

Modeling and some animation personal project. Made only for fun, I tried to achieve some improvement of my modeling and charactetr design skills, creating some abstract characters and surreal scenes. Shy monster by Pedro P. Santero on Sketchfab Smonster_01 by Pedro P. Santero on Sketchfab Man On Moon Anim by Pedro P. Santero on Sketchfab Character read a book with ghost by Pedro P. Santero on Sketchfab Walking Head (non animated) by Pedro P. Santero on Sketchfab

3D Coat for modeling and texturing. Autodesk Maya for animation and scenery and Arnold/Mental ray for rendering. Compositing in Nuke. Fully designed and realizated by me, it was Made only to improve my Maya software skills, but finally It was a really interesting short film realization. I enjoyed a lot during production https://youtu.be/Npqfke3ID8Q

Organic logo, video creation for live concert of "Sick brains" rock band. 3D Coat, Maya and Arnold renderer have been used in this creation. Great experiment, lots of fun trying to achieve as real flesh textures as I could. As starting point I searched several medical images of a real human hearts. https://youtu.be/XbMeVjASKpc