Experimentos & probatinas.

Organic logo, video creation for live concert of "Sick brains" rock band. 3D Coat, Maya and Arnold renderer have been used in this creation. Great experiment, lots of fun trying to achieve as real flesh textures as I could. As starting point I searched several medical images of a real human hearts. https://youtu.be/XbMeVjASKpc

Creation of a 360º video of a time travel experience (IE Virtual Reality Case Study) Design and production of a Virtual Reality case study in collaboration with IE Business School Professor Teresa Santero. Working with master class data content, I design a 3D virtual time travel machine that allows students to travel back in time to different countries. The students are sent to two different countries and exposed to heavy flow of economic information through several stream monitors. They must use that information to assess the attractiveness of the country, at that point in time, for investment. The goal of the experience is to subject the students to a situation of intensive informative exposure, training them to filter and distinguish hard data and facts from media created market sentiment. 

Non profit ocupation. Design, modeling, animation and programation of an interactive virtual muppet tool for childrens enviromental education. Developed for sustainable urbanism center in Zaragoza city, Spain. Created in Unity3D was modeled in 3DCoat and animated in Lightwave3D. The application is projected in a giant video wall. A teacher drives the puppet with a computer mouse, while he speak through a microphone connected to another application. This last app convert the teacher voice sound, into the mouth movements of the muppet. A java scrip linked to a shader transforms the rgb projection in anaglyph (green, magenta). The result is a 3D projection (the childrens wear anaglyph glasses) that speaks with them in realtime. The teacher can see the childrens in the projection room, trhough a hide webcam. Jun-Oct 2012